‘Source to Fontenelle’ is the title of Will and Zak’s first video chronicling their journey from ‘Source to Sea’


Update: I just realized that I didn’t include the link to the video in yesterday’s post.

“For some reason we’re starting this in October,” (Will or Zak) says, standing down valley from the headwaters of the Green River. The video shows some of the country and critters they’ve passed by in the first leg to Fontenelle Reservoir.

You can follow Will and Zak down the river on their blog source to sea down the colorado river: following the river from wyoming to mexico.

Their journey is in conjunction with Colorado College’s State of the Rockies Project. The theme this year is The Colorado River Basin: Agenda for Use, Restoration, and Sustainability for the Next Generation. Student and faculty research revolves around the entire basin, environmental assessment, climate change, water law and interstate compacts, supply, distribution and historical Native American claims.

The next Speakers Series get-together is December 5 where Beth Conover will moderate a panel of environmental experts — working throughout the Colorado River Basin — in a discussion of Environmental Perspectives and Actions.

Here’s the link to a short video of October’s event featuring Justice Gregory Hobbs and University of Wyoming professor Larry MacDonnell.

More Colorado River basin coverage here.

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