Wiggins: The town council moves the proposed water project forward


From The Fort Morgan Times (Jenni Grubbs):

Tim Holbrook, operations manager for Industrial Facilities Engineering, Inc. and lead engineer on the water project, updated the council on how the project was progressing. “The USDA requirements are now met to the point we can have a pre-construction meeting,” Holbrook said. “Then, the start of construction can begin.” The pre-construction meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16, with representatives from the town, IFE, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and approved contractors. It’s possible the ground-breaking on the project could be done that day, as well, according to Town Administrator Bill Rogers.

The town’s loan closing with the USDA is expected to be completed by mail around Nov. 23, according to Town Attorney Sam Light.

Holbrook said it will take at least eight months to build the water project. During that time, IFE resident inspector Mike Miller will be on site constantly, which was something required by the USDA…

The council took two votes related to the water project. The first approved a revised resolution reaffirming the town’s issuance of water revenue bonds for a little more than $3.3 million…

The second vote approved the amended budget for the water project. The change in the budget came from the town contribution rising from $121,000 to $351,002. But that was money the town has already spent on the project, Light said, not new money being approved. The council also approved awarding bids to four contractors for different parts of the water project construction. The bid awards would have to be followed up with contracts, but those contracts can’t be formalized until the loan has closed and the town has the money to pay out to the companies, according to Light…

The council awarded a bid for supply wells and pumps construction to Layne Construction Co. A bid for augmentation ponds construction was awarded to Connell Resources, Inc. Velocity Constructors, Inc. received the bid award for construction of the water treatment building. And the council awarded a bid for water pipeline construction to Reynolds, Inc.

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