The Colorado Farm Bureau wants to see non-augmented out of priority pumping from the South Platte alluvial aquifer permitted in wet years


From The Greeley Tribune (Eric Brown) via Windsor Now!:

…the farm bureau’s approved policy also supports allowing “pumping of existing wells to lower ground water level, creating space for Alluvial aquifers to be recharged during spring run off.”

The Colorado Farm Bureau supporting such policy likely comes as a relief for farmers in Weld County and elsewhere. Many in the region are dealing with high groundwater issues, stemming from what they and others believe is caused by the state curtailing the pumping of about 8,000 groundwater wells — 2,000 of which were completely shut down — all along the South Platte River…

Arnusch and others understand that shutting down the wells at a time of drought was necessary, but they say that common sense is needed now, and the state’s water courts need to allow the state engineer’s office to turn on those wells when water in the basin is abundant to lower groundwater levels in the area before further damage is done.

More South Platte River basin coverage here.

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