Teller County Environmental Health and Colorado State University Extension are hosting a septic and well system workshop December 10


From the Pikes Peak Courier View:

Ground water is an important resource in Colorado, supplying approximately 18 percent of the water used in the state. Nineteen of Colorado’s 64 counties rely solely on ground water for drinking water and domestic uses. Private wells are the primary source of water for many Colorado families, farms and ranches. Protecting these private water supplies is essential to the welfare of those who depend upon ground water. Good quality water is an invaluable resource.

Since wells are directly linked to ground water, they can become contaminated if agricultural chemicals, runoff from animal enclosures, fuels, household wastes or other contaminates accidently enter them. Because of this, all rural residents should view their well as a vital asset that needs to be protected.

This program is intended to help you understand more about your water and septic system and help you evaluate activities around the home or ranch that may contaminate wells and ground water…

Directly related to water quality is the maintenance of your septic system. We will explore the basic structure of the septic system, what it does, how it works, and how to maintain it. A septic system record folder will be provided as well as what should be recorded and how often.

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