The Round Mountain Water and Sanitation District has approved its 2012 budget


I could not find a deep link to the article from the Wet Mountain Tribune (Nora Drenner). Here’s an excerpt:

Projected revenues total $522,575 and expected expenditures total $521,905.

Of the anticipated revenues, $246,062 or 48 percent is from metered water sales and $167,759 or 32 percent is from metered sewer charges. The remaining dollars — $108,754 or 20 percent will come from property taxes, the sale of new taps, leases and interest.

On the expense side, $192,908 or 32 percent are salaries, $97,625 or 19 percent are administrative, $62,500 or 12 percent is water costs , $60,377 or 12 percent is the Johnson Place Ranch lease payment, $59,000 is wastewater/sewer system costs, $34,740 or seven percent is loan payments and $14,755 or three percent is health insurance.

Proposed projects to be completed in 2012 are adding four new fire hydrants and replacing two existing ones for a cost of $12,000; various wastewater plant maintenance including sludge dredging, grit and grease removal, and odor prevention at a cost of $35,000; a seepage study for $5,000; water and sewer line mapping at a cost of $2,000 to $5,000; and billing upgrade for $2,000 to $5,000.

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