The Pueblo Chieftain: A look back at the Chieftain 100 years ago, pump irrigation looks to become popular


Here’s Part I of their new series 1912 Century Link: A look back at the Chieftain 100 years ago. Here’s an excerpt from today’s installment from Peter Strescino:

Pueblo was a bustling city, a center of industry, the state’s second city, to Denver. Its newspaper, which went for a nickel, boasted pages packed with ads and stories, seemingly placed in every space of newsprint available. White space was nonexistent…

A Pueblo firefighter, Jim Flynn, signed to fight heavyweight champion Jack Johnson for the title sometime during the summer. Johnson was going to get $31,000 for the bout and a piece of the action for the resulting film of the fight…

But economic news dominated the paper. A story from Wall Street contended that corporations needed regulation, as did banking. There was a price-fixing scandal in meat-packing capital Chicago. Land in Hugo was going for $120 an acre and pump irrigation was going to be popular.

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