Delta County chips in some dough for the Grand Mesa cloud-seeding effort this year


From the Delta County Independent (Hank Lohmeyer):

A multi-agency supported cloud seeding project on the Grand Mesa is in line to receive $1,000 in support from the Delta County Commissioners next year [2012]…

The multi-agency Water Enhancement Authority “is a non-profit organization of three water conservancy organizations,” explained WEA secretary treasurer Mark Ritterbush in a letter to the commissioners. The three agencies are the Grand Mesa Water Conservancy District, the Grand Mesa Water Users Association, and the Collbran Water Conservancy District. The three districts, along with other regional government bodies, donate to the Water Enhancement Authority.

According to Ritterbush’s letter to the BoCC, “Research conducted in the San Juan Mountains concluded that cloud seeding may increase snowpack levels by an additional 5 to 15 percent. The extra water realized through cloud seeding was produced at a cost of $0.94 to $1.15 per acre foot. Silver iodide is used to seed the clouds.”[…]

According to a map that accompanies the request letter, the WEA has 12 cloud seeding generators on Grand Mesa.

More cloud-seeding coverage here.

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