Valley Courier Colorado Water 2012 series debuts today


From the Valley Courier (Judy Lopez):

So to help busy Coloradans connect to their water resources and their abundant uses Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will declare 2012 the Year of Water.

2012 marks several important water milestones – it is the 100th Anniversary of the Rio Grande Reservoir. The Colorado Water Conservation Board, The Northern Water Conservancy District and the Colorado River Water Conservation District all are celebrating their 75th anniversaries. While the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District turns 50 this year, it gives every water conservation, conservancy, and irrigation entity a chance to be recognized for the vital service they provide each of their communities.

More importantly the Colorado Water 2012 movement is an opportunity to celebrate the value of water and recognize the multitude of uses that it provides to everyone in Colorado.

The goals of Colorado Water 2012 are to:

* Raise awareness about water as a valuable and limited resource

* Increase support for management and protection of Colorado’s water and waterways

* Showcase exemplary models of cooperation and collaboration among Colorado water users

* Connect Coloradans to existing and new opportunities to learn about water

* Motivate Coloradans to become proactive participants in Colorado’s water future

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