The Fountain Creek Watershed Flood Control and Greenway District has plans to spend $15 million on the stream corridor


From The Colorado Springs Gazette (R. Scott Rappold) via From the article:

Local officials will apply for $8 million in grants from state lottery funds, to be matched by $7 million in local money, for trails, open space, bridges, tubing and other amenities along the creek between Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

“What we want to do is get people to the creek,” said Larry Small, executive director of the Fountain Creek Watershed District, formed in 2009 to address environmental issues. “We decided it’s important to get people to the creek so they can get an appreciation for it and an understanding of what we’re trying to do and get an attachment to the creek.”

(Take a look at the Fountain Creek Watershed Master Plan.)

Long regarded as an urban drainage channel, unnaturally straightened and eroded by runoff from development in Colorado Springs, Fountain Creek received renewed attention when Colorado Springs Utilities sought approval to build the Southern Delivery System pipeline from Pueblo Reservoir. The city-owned utility agreed to pay for a host of measures to restore the creek’s natural state, to ease concerns in Pueblo about downstream flooding and water quality.

Some of these, such as $3 million for wetland and wildlife habitat in southern El Paso County, are incorporated into the grant proposal.

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