Colorado Water Congress 2012 Annual Convention: U.S. Representative Tipton says the federal environmental reviews have put costs out of range


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

“One thing we need to recognize is the regionalization of the United States,” [U.S. Representative Scott Tipton] said, noting that he has received support on both sides of the aisle from Western states on water issues. “People in the Northeast don’t see the need for water projects because they have plenty of water.”[…]

[CWC Board member Chris Treece] asked the congressmen what role the federal government should play in smoothing the way for water projects in Colorado. “There should be a state-based review and the federal government should get out of the way,” [U.S. Representative Cory Gardner] said.

Tipton said federal policies requiring expensive environmental reviews of projects have put costs out of range. “It’s unnecessary,” Tipton said. “We could do that at the state and local level instead.”

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