Whit Gibbons: ‘Why do we need the Environmental Protection Agency?’


From the Tuscaloosa News (Whit Gibbons). Click through and read the whole article. Here’s an excerpt:

Want to have cancer-causing, bird-killing DDT sprayed in your neighborhood? How about having high levels of brain- damaging mercury dumped into your favorite fishing spot? What about paper mill wastes clogging up rivers and fouling the air people breathe?

These health hazards were once commonplace in communities throughout our country. That they are no longer the hazards they once were is due in no small part to the Environmental Protection Agency, which protects us from these and other environmental abuses. Without EPA oversight, the United States would be a much less healthy place to live.

Those who believe we do not need federal regulation of activities that can turn the country into a toxic waste dump are likely unaware of the far-reaching environmental and human health consequences of such actions. They may also not want to accept the fact that some individuals and many corporations will put profit ahead of all other considerations–including the health and well-being of the general populace.

More Environmental Protection Agency coverage here.

2 thoughts on “Whit Gibbons: ‘Why do we need the Environmental Protection Agency?’

  1. Thanks for the insight Gibbons, and I suppose you also support the recent destruction of Dams across the country because their owners found the EPA mandated fish latters economically unfeasible. That\’s your EPA hard at work destroying the clean energy that you purport to stand so strongly behind. You like most environmental hypocrites may be better served to simply admit that you hate humanity in general and to stop hiding behind the \”see how this is better for you\’s\” and other similar phrases that regressivist\’s like to throw around. At the end of the day, you really think our environment is going to be so much better off under Chinese control??? So far, it doesn\’t look very good, and the continued economic success of the U.S. is the only thing standing between them and your precious waters, fishy\’s, reefs, and rainforests. So stop embracing your hate of mankind and start embracing reality my friend, for it is you and your kind that may inevitably hand over the planet to its ultimate destroyers.

    1. You missed the fact that I had posted a link and excerpts from Mr. Gibbons’ article.

      Here in Colorado we are very familiar with the pollution from past government installations and private industry. Summitville, California Gulch, Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Rocky Flats, Clear Creek/Central City, Lincoln Park/Cotter Mill, Schwartzwalder Mine and Uravan top the list. (Look ’em up.)

      We’re dealing with benzene pollution right now in the South Platte River near Denver. When I was in high school in the sixties the “brown cloud” over Denver was a site to behold and damaging to the health of our citizens.

      Go shriek your right-wind baloney somewhere other than Coyote Gulch. Life with the EPA is much preferable to cancer, asthma, etc.

      John Orr

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