Protect the Flows goes to Washington: Zeke Hersh — ‘We’re definitely pushing towards the common-sense goals and solutions’


From the Public News Service (Kathleen Ryan):

Coloradans were on Capitol Hill this week, offering options on how the government can preserve and protect the Colorado River’s water resources for future generations – and preserve Colorado businesses as well…

The Department of the Interior is in the final stages of developing a plan to preserve the Colorado for future generations.

Zeke Hersh, who leads angling trips along the river for Blue River Anglers in Frisco, headed to Washington this week with the group “Protect the Flows.” “We’re definitely pushing towards the common-sense goals and solutions, such as improving urban conservation and agricultural efficiency.”

“Potentially, rivers can dry up as they go down into an arid environment, which the Colorado does. But when it dries up at the headwaters and at the delta, that’s a pretty striking picture.”

The Department of the Interior just completed its public input period and began considering options for the Colorado this week. A final study is to be published in July. More information is on the Interior Department’s Lower Colorado River website,

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