2012 Colorado legislation: Two bills have been introduced that would add regulations to hydraulic fracturing operations, another on the way


From Bloomberg (Jennifer Oldham):

Proposed drilling on a former bombing range that contains unexploded munitions and a landfill prompted Colorado lawmakers this week to introduce a bill that would require rules for fracking near toxic-waste sites. “This is quite immediately a public health and safety issue,” said State Senator Morgan Carroll, a Democrat who co-sponsored the measure [Senate Bill 12-107: Protect Water Oil Gas Operations Fracking]. “The room for error here is limited.”[…]

In January, the Colorado State Land Board signed a tentative $137 million agreement with ConocoPhillips to lease oil and gas resources underneath 21,048 acres on the bombing range, said Davy Kong, a ConocoPhillips (COP) spokeswoman…

Carroll’s bill would require Colorado’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to establish rules for hydraulic fracturing near radioactive materials and Superfund sites. Carroll’s measure would also require oil companies to document the quantity of water needed to horizontally drill a well and to test the quality of water wells within a half mile of a rig before and after drilling.

It joins a second bill introduced in the Colorado House that would require the conservation commission to adopt rules mandating that oil wells that are hydraulically fractured be set back at least 1,000 feet from a school or residence.

A third bill that would clarify existing law with regard to how cities and counties can regulate fracking is expected to be introduced in the Colorado House sometime this month, Chris Kennedy, chief of staff for State Representative Matt Jones, a Democrat, said in an interview.

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