Colorado Water 2012: Carl Musso — ‘…almost all of us know that our food has to be grown, produced, or farmed somewhere before it ever hits the shelves of the supermarket’


Here’s the latest installment of their Colorado Water 2012 series from The Pueblo Chieftain (Carl Musso):

Every farm needs sunlight, soil and nutrients, seeds and of course water. Without water, there is no agriculture…

Here in Colorado, we can’t rely on it raining to help us grow food, so the irrigation decisions we make are even more important. Irrigation on a farm is a lot more complicated than just running water down a field or turning on a sprinkler. It all starts with that snowpack up in the mountains. After it thaws and the water comes down the river, it gets used by upstream cities. By the time it gets down here, that same water has probably been used for fishing, rafting and boating in the reservoir too. By then, we get our shares and push water out each one of our plants.

Trust me, some of that old equipment along our ditches might look like antiques, but we measure our water down to the thickness of an eyelash.

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