Coyote Gulch has been running on WordPress for three years today — 6,187 posts so far


Today is the third anniversary of Coyote Gulch on WordPress. 6,187 posts seems like a lot — 5.65 posts a day on average. Thanks to all the readers and to those of you that recommend Coyote Gulch to friends and acquaintances.

Here’s a shout out to all the great journalists that take the time to get water stuff right. It’s not an easy beat to cover. And thanks to all the editors that allow content to be published freely to the Internet. I hope you’ve all figured out a way to make things work financially.

For you readers: If you don’t subscribe to your local daily consider doing so. It’s hard for the papers to make ends meet and they can use the dough. Subscribers also help them attract advertisers.

WordPress is great software so if you’ve been tempted to join the blogosphere go out to and get started. You’ll be posting in a few minutes time.

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