Flaming Gorge pipeline opposition talking point: Outdoor recreation supports 52,000 jobs in Wyoming


From the Wyoming Business Report (Wyoma Groenenberg):

The group said it has gathered resolutions from West Slope governments opposing the pipeline, which is proposed to transport 80 billion gallons of water annually, which could negatively impact the region’s recreation industry. The coalition plans to lobby Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper to drop the project…

Protect the Flows plans to spend the year reminding Hickenlooper and state officials that public resources would be better spent on more affordable solutions that support recreation industry jobs, such as improving water conservation efforts, water reuse and recycling, and better land-use planning and growth management.

Outdoor recreation supports 52,000 jobs in Wyoming, according to the January edition of the Wyoming Business Report. That means that about 1 in 11 Wyoming residents works in that industry. In Colorado, about 107,000 jobs are in outdoor recreation, according to a 2006 economic impact report from the Outdoor Industry Association.

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