Coloradans support conservation Colorado College study finds


From The Denver Post (Walt Hecox/Debbie Kelley):

As [Governor Hickenlooper] moves forward with the privately funded TBD Colorado effort, it would behoove him to review the results of the bipartisan 2012 Conservation in the West survey, sponsored by Colorado College in Colorado Springs. Results show that despite challenging economic conditions, Colorado residents are holding steady in their belief that economic development can and must be in harmony with protecting the air, water and other natural resources.

Other findings from the Colorado survey include:

• Voters across the political spectrum think of themselves as conservationists and support upholding and strengthening protections for clean air, clean water and the region’s parks and public lands, for the sake of the economy and their way of life.

• Ninety-three percent agree that “Our national parks, forests, monuments and wildlife areas are an essential part of Colorado’s economy.”

• When asked whether environmental regulations have a positive or negative impact on jobs, 44 percent said “positive impact,” compared with 29 percent responding “negative.”

• While voters believe that regulation and conservation are needed, 86 percent believe that “even with state budget problems, we should still find money to protect and maintain Colorado’s land, air and wildlife”; 82 percent say the same about state parks.

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