Pueblo: Winter fly-fishing is alive and well below Pueblo Dam


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Amy Matthew):

The city has become one of the top fly-fishing spots in the state, thanks in large part to the Arkansas River Legacy Project that was completed in 2005. It’s especially true in winter, when our (generally) milder temperatures lure fishermen from colder spots. “For a long time, this was the best-kept secret in Colorado,” said Ben Wurster, co-owner of Steel City Anglers, a fly-fishing outfitter business. “It’s not so kept anymore. We’ve gotten a lot of attention lately. The wintertime fishing here is just phenomenal.”

The Legacy Project created 15 W- or V-shaped weirs, or small dams, and 57 clusters of boulders along a 9-mile stretch of the river. All of those create pools in which fish can feed and rest. A better environment means better, and more, fish, and that means good fishing — primarily trout. “It created a holding area for fish during the winter and in summer (the deeper pools) keep the water oxygenated,” said Wurster. “Not only are the fish getting bigger, they’re getting healthier across the board.”[…]

[Wurster’s business partner, Lou McCullough] and Wurster said there are at least 25 fishing holes on the Arkansas between the reservoir and Pueblo Boulevard

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