AWRA — Colorado Section: Summary of the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s (CWCB) 2012 Annual Instream Flow (ISF) Workshop


From the AWRA — Colorado Section website (Margaret Herzog):

The more than 40 attendees represented a wide variety of interests, including the US Forest Service, the US Bureau of Land Management, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation, the Colorado Div. of Parks and Wildlife, several Colorado Water Conservation Board staff and new board members, The Nature Conservancy, Trout Unlimited, the Colorado Water Trust, Western Resource Advocates, the City of Fort Collins, the Colorado River District, High Country Citizens’ Alliance, consultants, and other interested parties.

The workshop went well beyond a review of recommended ISF projects for board consideration this year. It also covered a discussion of potential synergy between ISF appropriations and acquisitions with stream restoration projects and multi-purpose water supply projects. New SWSI 2010 Nonconsumptive Needs Assessment maps and related projects by Basin Round Table (BRT) were also presented, the successful culmination of an Interbasin Compact Committee / Basin Round Tables (IBCC/BRTs) analytical process which began in 2005.

More instream flow coverage here.

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