Twilight for Bonny Reservoir: The draining of the reservoir is nearly complete, thousands of fish die


From (Matt Flener):

Since state officials started draining Bonny Lake’s water in the fall of 2011 because of the decision, thousands of fish have died at the reservoir. Last week, workers from the Federal Bureau of Reclamation, which owns Bonny’s land in cooperation with the State of Colorado, had to unclog the drain from the dam using pitchforks, because so many fish had piled up. Backhoes then buried fish underneath the reservoir’s soil.

Colorado State Engineer Dick Wolfe says the practice has taken place, sometimes every other day, to keep water flowing to Kansas. Wolfe says his department has worked with the Bureau of Reclamation to humanely bury the fish so they would not become a health hazard or a visual problem at the lake in the long term. Knowing they would drain the lake, last year state officials tried to get fishermen to catch as many fish as possible by taking away catch limits at Bonny.

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