Rio Grande Watershed Conservation District quarterly meeting recap: The NRCS is looking for ideas for the 2013 budget


From the Valley Courier (Lauren Krizansky):

A crowd comprised of Valley conservationists was pleased to welcome special guest Natural Resources Conservation Services Colorado State Conservationist Phyllis Philipps to the meeting and to hear about upcoming agency plans. Philipps said the agency is looking for ideas from local conservation districts to shape the 2013 NRCS budget. “We are asking you what you want to do,” Philipps said. “We want to rally around what you are passionate about.”

She explained that the state recognizes that each of the 76 conservations districts in the Valley have unique needs and operate at different levels. She encouraged the conservation districts to strive to identify projects that have a true impact…

The conservationists recommended that the districts focus on growing green manures – cover crops – to help reduce water use in Rio Grande Sub-district 1 without fallowing land. The sub-district is calling for 40,000 acres to be removed from production. “I’m not seeing a lot of emphasis on soil health and erosion,” [RGWCD President Brian Nuefeld] said. “They go hand in hand.”

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