Restoration: The Kerber Creek cleanup scores an additional $50,000


From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

Saguache County, got a big boost this month with $50,000 grant from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation that will help with the next phase of improving water quality in a stream that’s long been tainted by acid mine drainage. Historic mine tailings have washed down through Kerber Creek and are contributing metals and acid drainage into the waterway. The groups involved in the exemplary cleanup effort have already treated about 62 acres, mostly by phytostabilization — using limestone and compost to create habitat for metals-tolerant native plants along the creek. The grant will help pay for more restoration work, and will also help pay for a VISTA staffer to serve as an onsite coordinator for the cleanup project, said Trout Unlimited’s Elizabeth Russell…

Aquatic life in Kerber Creek has already benefited from the cleanup. Sampling in the 1980s showed there were no fish in the creek. By 2008 and 2009, brook trout and long- nose dace are self-sustaining in Kerber Creek. The end goal is to closely match the nearest similar natural stream community.

More restoration/reclamation coverage here.

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