CWCB: The North Delta Irrigation Company scores grant/loan dough for repairs to the water tunnel through Cory Bluff


From the Delta County Independent (Hank Lohmeyer):

On Tuesday, March 30, company representatives Lynn French and Ken Nelson traveled to Denver and secured a grant/loan funding package from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) for making emergency repairs to the company’s irrigation tunnel through Cory Bluff. Since a section of the 110-year-old tunnel collapsed last summer, work has proceeded non-stop in an effort to put estimates, engineering, and funding in place and get water flowing again from the Gunnison River for this year’s season…

The tunnel will be replaced with a 54-inch-diameter, thick-walled pipeline running the same course under Cory Bluff. The pipeline will then be grouted in place with an expanding concrete material that completely surrounds and seals the structure for many decades into the future.

The CWCB funding support was augmented by additional funds approved by the Gunnison Basin Water Roundtable. “Both of the organizations understood the urgency of the situation and our problem,” French said. They responded to the need with expedited approval of the company’s request for assistance, he added.

The company can use a backup water supply for North Delta irrigators delivered to its system via Tongue Creek. It is hoped that will last until construction of the pipeline is completed in time for use this season.

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