Reclamation Releases a Record of Decision for Aspinall Unit Operations


Here’s the release from the Bureau of Reclamation (Steve McCall/Justyn Hock):

Reclamation’s Western Colorado Area Office announced today the release of the Record of Decision for the Aspinall Unit Operations Final Environmental Impact Statement.

The ROD outlines how Reclamation will operate the Aspinall Unit, consisting of Blue Mesa, Morrow Point and Crystal dams and reservoirs on the Gunnison River, to avoid jeopardy to downstream endangered fish species while continuing to meet the congressionally authorized purposes of the unit.

“This record of decision is a culmination of an extraordinary effort by a diverse group of interests and a major step in ongoing efforts to recover the Colorado River endangered fish,” said Assistant Secretary for Water and Science, Anne Castle. “The careful attention that has been given to meeting the goals of the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program, as well as working within the constraints imposed by flood control and meeting existing water rights, ensures that the operations under the ROD are sustainable and appropriate.”

The operations outlined in the ROD will provide higher spring flows and protect the base flows in the Gunnison River. In addition to avoiding jeopardy, the goal of the operational modifications is to assist in the recovery of the endangered fish species, while continuing to meet the needs of agriculture, recreation, and sport fisheries.

The ROD is available on Reclamation’s web site in Environmental Documents). If you have questions, please contact Steve McCall at 970-248-0638 or Dan Crabtree at 970-248-0652.

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