El Jebel: Roaring Fork State of the River meeting tomorrow


From the Colorado River District via the Glenwood Springs Post Independent:

To help understand this epic flip-flop and anticipated low flows, the Colorado River District will host its annual “State of the River” meeting for the Roaring Fork River Basin at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 10, at the Eagle County Community Center, 0020 Eagle County Drive, in El Jebel.

Topics will include anticipated reservoir operations, forecasted river conditions and management of water resources for cities, agriculture, recreation and wildlife.

This summer may see some of the lowest river and stream levels since the drought of 2002.

“The River District needs the public’s input, understanding and cooperation as we work with the water management organizations to get through this season,” said Colorado River District General Manager Eric Kuhn.

For information, contact Martha Moore, Colorado River District, 970-945-8522, ext. 226, or mmoore@crwcd.org.

Reclamation will be at the meeting with an update on the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project. From email from Kara Lamb:

A quick update on run-off operations for Ruedi Reservoir: we are still releasing about 110 cfs to the Fryingpan River. This is less than the inflow we are receiving. We are trying to fill Ruedi this year, but with the current data available, we do not anticipate we will fill. Weather is still a major factor, of course, but that is how the situation looks right now.

Along those same lines, we do not anticipate diverting much water through the Fryingpan-Arkansas Project to the east slope. We are forecasting we will only divert about 12,400 acre-feet of water. To give you an idea of where that number stands: the water right for the Fry-Ark allows for a diversion of up to 120,000 acre-feet in any one year. Our annual average over the last ten years is closer to about 54,000 acre-feet. Last year, with our incredible snowpack, we diverted around 98,000 acre-feet–and filled Ruedi Reservoir easily.

To hear the run-off story told in full, visit us Thursday night in El Jebel. We, along with other water managers, will be presenting our run-off forecast information at the Colorado River District’s State of the River meeting for the Roaring Fork Basin.

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