The City of Pueblo files diligence application for their whitewater park instream flow right


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The city obtained a conditional recreational in-channel diversion right in 2006 for the kayak course built as part of the Arkansas River Legacy project. A filing in Division 2 water court seeks to make the right absolute for eight gates on the kayak course, as well as maintaining a conditional right for a ninth gate to be built at Moffat Street in the future. The first eight gates begin at the water intake for the Downtown power plant and continue to the Union Avenue bridge. The RICD right includes minimum flows for recreation that vary from 100-500 cubic feet per second, depending on conditions and the time of year, with an appropriation date of 2000…

The city also has asked the Colorado Water Conservation Board to pursue a 100 cfs in-stream flow right for the reach of the Arkansas River from Pueblo Dam through Pueblo.

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