Colorado-Big Thompson Project operations update: Pinewood Reservoir water level to rise over the weekend


From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

We have recently completed some regular maintenance on the east slope of the C-BT. This means that Pinewood Reservoir water levels will once again be on the rise.

Pinewood is expected to start rising late tonight, June 15. By Saturday morning, the reservoir should be only a few feet down from full.

We are also planning to restart the pump up to Carter Lake tomorrow. While this will not bump up the reservoir water elevation level, it will help keep it static, possibly through the weekend. Carter Lake is just over 70% full with a water level elevation of 5729 feet.

Horsetooth Reservoir will continue to see the slow draw down that has been going on throughout June. This is very typical for this time of year. Currently, the reservoir elevation is at 5415 feet. Interestingly, this is one foot higher than Horsetooth’s annual average water elevation line for the beginning of the summer season.

Lake Estes is also looking good for the weekend. Operations at the reservoir and Olympus Dam continue as normal.

For recreation information, please visit Larimer County Division of Natural Resources and the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District.

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