2012 Colorado November Election: ‘Protect Colorado Water’ event Wednesday to kick off signature gathering for Initiatives 3 and 45


From the Examiner (Caryl Buckstein):

The event, known as “Protect Colorado Water,” is being launched by Be the Change, a grassroots political group with an environmental arm. The initiatives were written by Phil Doe, Be the Change environmental director, and Richard Hamilton, a long-time state environmental and conservation lobbyist.The website for Protect Colorado Water identifies Doe as a former environmental compliance officer for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation…

Hamilton told the Colorado Statesman that state law already is explicit that the public owns water in the state. The initiatives would add teeth the citizens’ ability to demand enforcement. Initiative 3 would create the Colorado Public Trust Doctrine. It would make the water of streams public property and instruct the state to protect the public’s rights. Also, it would make the public’s rights superior to contracts or property law.

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