Crawford: Public Works and the Colorado Rural Water Association are working on the town’s source water protection plan


From the Delta County Independent (Kathy Browning):

Colorado Rural Water Association is a nonprofit that provides technical assistance and operator training. The Town of Crawford is an association member. Balch and Mihelich will write an application for a $5,000 grant from the information provided by Bair. Balch said funding comes from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for each public water system to develop and implement a source water protection plan. There is a one-for-one match on the grant. The town’s share can be covered by in-kind donations after grant approval. The principle behind a protection plan is that it’s less expensive to protect source water than having to remove contaminants. Source water protection programs educate citizens on where their water comes from and how important it is to protect it…

The plan will have two phases. The first will provide an assessment report and a susceptibility rating for Crawford’s water source. The rating right now is good.

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