2012 Colorado November Election: The Pueblo Board of Water Works is considering opposing Initiatives 3 and 45


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

Initiative 45 would change Section 6 or Article XVI to require return flows from any water used in the state to be returned to streams “unimpaired,” which could create restrictive water quality standards, said Paul Fanning, the water board’s legislative liaison.

Both initiatives also give every citizen of the state standing in any judicial proceedings. Currently, water rights holders are allowed to enter water court cases to defend their own rights. “If they prevail, there would be an unprecedented amount of litigation,” said Fanning, who attended the Water Congress workshop.

The water board directed staff to prepare a resolution opposing the initiatives for a later meeting. “I think these would be a disaster for our state, and to the future use of water whether it’s for municipal, agricultural or industrial use,” Hamel said.

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