Drought/runoff news: Ruedi Reservoir peaks at 88% of capacity


From The Aspen Times via the Glenwood Springs Post Independent (Scott Condon):

The reclamation bureau boosted the releases from Ruedi’s dam by 60 cubic feet per second on Thursday. A total of about 170 cfs is now flowing into the Fryingpan River just downstream from the dam. All of the water that is flowing into the reservoir is being bypassed, so storage won’t increase barring a prolific monsoon, reclamation bureau spokeswoman Kara Lamb said.

The reservoir’s releases are being dictated by the “Cameo call” and an obligation to meet contract requirements, Lamb said.

The Cameo Ditch has the second most senior water right on the Colorado River. It irrigates farms and other land in western Colorado. There isn’t enough water in the Colorado River to meet the demands of the ditch, so additional water is being called, including from Ruedi Reservoir.

There is a Cameo call virtually every year, but usually there isn’t a direct effect on Ruedi, Lamb said. “It came early this year,” she said of the call.

Ruedi Reservoir also is receiving calls for water purchased by downstream municipalities, such as the town of Silt, Lamb said.

Ruedi was storing nearly 90,400 acre feet of water, or 88 percent of its capacity on Thursday.

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