Greenland: Peterman glacier calves off chunk of ice twice the size of Manhattan Island


From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

The University of Delaware is reporting that an ice island nearly twice the size of Manhattan has broken free of Greenland’s massive Peterman Glacier, which connects the Greenland ice sheet with the ocean via a floating ice shelf. The calving was reported July 16 by University of Delaware professor Andreas Muenchow in his Icy Seas” blog. Muenchow credited Trudy Wohleben of the Canadian Ice Service for first noticing the fracture, subsequently confirmed by one of NASA’s Earth-watch satellites. The same glacier spawned an iceberg nearly twice as big in 2010, which cut the size of the floating ice shelf by about 25 percent. The latest calving event puts the terminus of the glacier in a location where it hasn’t been for at least 150 years, according to Muenchow.

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