Drought news: The current drought is really taking its toll on the Arkansas River Basin #CODrought


From KCUR (Frank Morris):

High in the Rocky Mountains, about 10 miles north of Leadville, Colo., the Arkansas River starts as a trickle running off some of the tallest peaks in the continental United States.

In a normal year, “you would see snowcapped peaks and water rushing down,” says Garry Hanks, a retired high school teacher who now serves as a deputy water commissioner in southeast Colorado.

But this year there’s hardly even a dribble of water coming down from the mountains. And the drought intensifies just downstream…

The drought has resulted in withered cornstalks and cracked land near Lamar, Colo.

“You can see by the cracks in the ground how dry it is,” [Dale Mauch] says, as he points to a withered cornstalk. The Fort Lyon Canal, which four generations of his family have relied on for irrigation, dried up last month.

“This is the first time that we went to zero before the Fourth of July,” Mauch says. “That’s just something [that] … in 152 years has never happened.”

From the Summit Daily News:

Colorado is experiencing a severe drought in many parts of the state. Due to the drought conditions in Summit County, the flow in the Blue River continues to decline, and while the Breckenridge water supply is not in as dire straits as others, the town feels it is important to apply mandatory water restrictions to all Breckenridge water users, including out-of-town users.

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