2012 Colorado November election: Initiatives 3 and 45 withdrawn, supporters hope to regroup for 2014


Practically everyone in the water business will breathe a sigh of relief now that Initiatives 3 and 45 have been pulled from the November ballot. The organization behind the attempt to get Coloradans to reject Prior Appropriation cannot get the required signatures. Here’s a report from Cathy Proctor writing for the Denver Business Journal. From the article:

Supporters of the initiatives “have withdrawn No. 3 and 45,” spokesman Rich Coolidge said. “They are not going to be submitting signatures.”[…]

Richard Hamilton, who worked on drafting the initiatives, said Monday that supporters decided it “would be a near impossibility” to get the needed number of signatures. But he said that supporters will continue work on them, hoping to submit similar proposals for the 2014 ballot.

More Initiatives 3 and 45 coverage here.

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