Climate change: ‘I was too optimistic’ — James Hansen


Here’s an opinion piece penned by James Hansen the Director NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Goddard hopes to elevate the level and urgency of the conversation around climate change. Here’s an excerpt:

My projections about increasing global temperature have been proved true. But I failed to fully explore how quickly that average rise would drive an increase in extreme weather.

In a new analysis of the past six decades of global temperatures, which will be published Monday, my colleagues and I have revealed a stunning increase in the frequency of extremely hot summers, with deeply troubling ramifications for not only our future but also for our present.

This is not a climate model or a prediction but actual observations of weather events and temperatures that have happened…

…our analysis shows that, for the extreme hot weather of the recent past, there is virtually no explanation other than climate change.

From Grist: July 2012, the hottest month ever, in five charts.

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