Steamboat Springs: Colorado Water Congress Summer Meeting webinar


The Colorado Water Congress is embracing Internet technologies in order to reach out to interested parties that won’t be in Steamboat Springs next week. The cost is $180. I use the software — GoToWebinar — often and it works well, if your organization’s firewall is configured correctly.

Here’s the link to the registration page.

Here’s the email from the Colorado Water Congress (Doug Kemper):

For many of our members, conference attendance may be difficult for a number of reasons, including travel and lodging costs, time availability, and limited training budgets. At the same time, the CWC Board wants to ensure our events are accessible to all of our members. So this year, we will try out the same GoToWebinar technology that we have begun using for some of our meetings, but in a new way. We will live broadcast the audio from the conference as well as the PowerPoint presentations. As this is an experimental application for us, we will limit the number of connections.

So here’s how it works:

What you get:
All Summer Conference sessions (except Thursday luncheon) plus the Public Trust Workshop
See PowerPoint Presentations live at your computer
Hear the audio at your computer or phone connection

What it Costs: $180

There is no registration deadline, so you can sign up at any time. It is a two-step Process:

Registration/payment through CWC
Webinar registration through Citrix Online

Your satisfaction guarantee: Full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

To get started:
1. For CWC signup and payment: Click Here

2. After CWC signup, you will receive an email with a link to Citrix Online Webinar registration.

3. After Citrix Online registration, you will receive your unique registration connection link.

4. At the time of conference, click on the link and you will be connected.

And that’s it!

If this is your first time using GoToWebinar, it could take a couple of minutes to load their software on your computer. You may want to try loading the software in advance of the conference.

You can listen to the audio through your computer speakers or headset OR you can dial in and listen on your phone. You can even keep up with the convention with your cell phone as you are on the move.

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