Brush: City Council approves stormwater rate hike


From the Brush News-Tribune (Katie Collins) via The Fort Morgan Times:

Stormwater rates will experience a three-cent hike as of Oct. 1, meaning that owners or occupants of property in Brush will see an increase to their city bill near the end of October.

The rate hike follows on the heels of the city’s Stormwater Activity Enterprise, established by a previous ordinance that assigned that enterprise the fiscal responsibility for both street cleaning and stormwater system maintenance and operation.

With Brush looking to tackle not only drainage issues downtown, but in four other areas of the municipality, the increase will aid in providing funding for such projects.

Although the City of Brush did not raise stormwater rates in 2011, the three-cents per lineal foot hike has generally been an annual increase and this move will set rates from the previous $.16 per month per lineal foot of a property’s frontage to $.19.

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