Denver Water is raising rates starting in January 2013


From the Associated Press via KRQE:

Denver Water said Wednesday that rates for an average residential customer in Denver using 115,000 gallons annually would go up 55 cents per month, or about 1.5 percent. It would go up about 91 cents per month on average for full-service suburban residential customers.

The rate increases were included in a $341 million budget for 2013 that the Denver Board of Water Commissioners adopted Wednesday.

The budget includes funding for projects including replacing failing underground storage tanks, upgrading water treatment facilities, and replacing aging pipes. The budget relies in part on the rate increase, bond sales, drawing down cash reserves, selling hydropower and tap fees for new service for funding.

More coverage from Cathy Proctor writing for the Denver Business Journal. From the article:

Denver Water’s 2013 rates will rise an average of 55 cents per month for residential customers inside the city, while rates for its suburban customers are expected to rise an average of 91 cents per month. That’s based on customers using 115,000 gallons a year, the average annual consumption for Denver Water’s customers, the utility said Wednesday

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