The General Assembly may come out for the skiing industry against the USFS’s ‘taking’ of water rights


From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

The proposed resolution, under review by an interim legislative committee, would oppose a new Forest Service water rights clause in ski area special use permits that would bar resorts from transferring certain water rights to third parties. The Forest Service clause also requires ski areas to transfer certain water rights to the United States or to subsequent special permit use holders if a permit is terminated. The measure is one of several water bills on the agenda during a session of the interim Water Resources Review Committee. The bills will be discussed by lawmakers Thursday (Sept. 27) morning, with public testimony in the afternoon. The session will be streamed on the web. Go to this Colorado Legislature website and click on the House Committee 0112 link…

One of the bills includes language that would guarantee water-rights owners a right-of-way through lands between the point of diversion and where the water is used…

Another bill under consideration, possibly prompted by this year’s drought conditions, could clarify when so-called graywater could be reused…

Yet another measure addresses enforcement of permit terms by ground water management districts for small-capacity well permits.

Another issue that comes up perennially is the use of severance tax funds for water infrastructure improvements, and one of the proposed bills claims that diversions of “significant sums from their originally intended purposes has had a devastating effect on the maintenance and development of water infrastructure in Colorado.”

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