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Here’s the link to the website.

From the Fowler Tribune:

“Conservation Colorado represents the next chapter in protecting Colorado’s air, land, water and people,” said Pete Maysmith, future Executive Director of Conservation Colorado. “Different times require more nimble, strategic and effective organizations to address our conservation challenges. For Conservation Colorado – as we recognize our past accomplishments – we must move forward, knowing that The Future is Worth the Fight. Conservation Colorado’s new logo represents our priority issues – addressing climate change, transitioning to a clean energy future, protecting our rivers and outdoor heritage, and saving our few remaining public wildlands. These pressing priorities require us to engage Colorado citizens and policy makers in new ways to preserve the Colorado we love today for our kids and grandkids.”

Conservation Colorado is a result of the merging of two leading Colorado conservation groups – Colorado Conservation Voters (CCV) and Colorado Environmental Coalition (CEC). The merger combines the strengths of both groups — CEC’s strong policy, advocacy and organizing work, with CCV’s focus on electing pro-environment candidates to public office and holding them accountable.

From the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn):

The…merger has also resulted in some downsizing, partly through attrition and also through some layoffs on the administrative side of the operation, according to spokesman Chris Arend.

“Part of the benefit of the merger is that you create efficiencies,” Arend said, adding that there will be some “refocusing,” but that the new group has pledged to maintain a Western Slope presence to continue advocacy for the protection of wild lands.

Fundraising, which is a challenge for nonprofits in the best of times, has been especially tough during the stubborn recession and painfully slow recovery of the past few years.

The new organization announced this week that Pete Maysmith, formerly the head of Colorado Conservation Voters, will lead the new organization as director. Elise Jones, director of the Colorado Environmental Coalition, will run for elected office.

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