Piñon Ridge uranium mill hearing recap: Energy Fuels updates their expert witness list, public comment today


From email from the Sheep Mountain Alliance (Hillary White):

SMA experts Ann Maest and Connie Travers from Stratus Consulting and Dr. Thomas Powers, a socioeconomic expert, took the stand Friday. Instead of getting into the details of their solid and rather technical testimony, raising significant issues with the analysis done by both EF and the State, I’ll highlight the scramble to respond. After months of preparation and discovery by all parties to establish the grounds for this hearing, EF opted to only bring Frank Filas, their on and off environmental project manager as their expert. Now, based on the first few days of testimony, EF and the State have updated their expert list. They apparently see the need to address a growing number of unanswered questions.

Following Monday’s public comment session starting at 8:30am, the hearing will continue to Tuesday…

The purpose of this hearing is to establish a record – for Energy Fuels, a record of the completeness and adequacy of the application, and for SMA and opposing parties a record of an incomplete and scientifically and technically unsound application.

The more specific you can make you comments the better. Comment time is unlimited, but please remember that there may be many people who would like to say something and that Judge Dana has been listening to testimony eight hours a day for four days.

More nuclear coverage here and here.

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