Reclamation releases Supplemental Information Report to Windy Gap Firming EIS


Here’s the release from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

The Bureau of Reclamation announces the availability of a Supplemental Information

Report and related errata to the Final Environmental Impact Statement, which analyzed impacts of the proposed Windy Gap Firming Project. Both the SIR and the errata are available at

“A SIR analyzes new information received after the completion of the Final EIS to determine if there are significant new circumstances or information relevant to environmental concerns on the proposed action or its impacts,” said Michael J. Ryan, Regional Director for Reclamation’s Great Plains Region.

An errata is a list of corrections to a publication.

After publication of the Final EIS in December 2011, Reclamation received new information regarding the Multiple Metric Index methodology for aquatic invertebrates in the Colorado River. Invertebrate values were updated and rerun based on this new information.

The findings in the SIR explain that the revised aquatic invertebrate values did not change the conclusions in the Final EIS.

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