NWS: Winter weather outlook for Southern Colorado

From the National Weather Service:

In general terms, there is a greater than 40 percent chance that the average temperature for the winter months of December 2012 through February 2013 will be above the 30 year climatological average, with equal chances of seeing above, below or near normal precipitation…

The data collected from observation sites across south central and southeast Colorado during previous ENSO neutral winters also indicate a wide range of distribution, especially in precipitation. Of particular interest is the data from the winters of 1961-62 and 1962-63, which had similar characteristics to the current state. In looking at this limited data set of 2 winter seasons, a possible trend of near normal precipitation may be gleaned across portions of south central Colorado, along with a possible trend of below normal precipitation across southeast Colorado.

So what will happen this winter? We will still see snow and cold temperatures; however the frequency of storms may be decreased, especially across southeastern Colorado. Time will tell. One thing that does seem certain is the likely persistence of drought conditions across Colorado.

2 thoughts on “NWS: Winter weather outlook for Southern Colorado

  1. Yikes! Warmer temperatures make all the difference for me as a skier because whether there is real snow or not, the resorts can only make snow of it’s cold enough! On top of that, the snow melts away, especially when the ground temperature is warm.

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