Loveland: City council and utilities commission disagree on funding supply improvements


From the Loveland Reporter-Herald (Tom Hacker):

Members of the Loveland Utilities Commission and the Loveland City Council agree that the city’s aging water treatment plant needs to be expanded, and that crumbling water lines need to be replaced. But a philosophical argument has brewed over whether long-term borrowing through sale of bonds is the best way to fund those projects. The utility board, unanimously, says yes. City councilors, or some of them, lean the other way.

The council will hear again on Tuesday their utility advisory board’s advice to issue bonds in the amount of $16 million, with 30-year terms, to raise the capacity of the treatment plant to meet rising demand and fix half-century-old water lines that are breaking with alarming frequency.

The solution contradicts a long-held philosophy by city councilors that Loveland should remain debt-free, paying for civic projects with current income.

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