The Weld County Commissioners put the North Colorado secession question on the fall ballot

Here’s Ms. Hood’s writeup of the vote and meeting on KUNC. Here’s an excerpt:

Weld County Commissioners voted Monday to approve ballot measure language that will appear in front of county voters this November. It will be up to Weld voters to decide if the county should further pursue the formation of a 51st state separate from Colorado.

Three other counties–Cheyenne, Sedgwick, and Yuma–have also decided to put similar measures in front of voters. Counties still deciding whether to put the issue on the ballot include Logan, Phillips, Washington and Kit Carson.

Morgan County Commissioners have decided to leave it up to citizens to get the issue on the ballot. Residents there have until August 26 to gather signatures from 15 percent of active voters.

Westword (Patricia Calhoun) gives the secessionists all the serious attention the proposal deserves:

If at first you don’t secede, try, try again. Ten counties in northeastern Colorado are still considering seceding from the state. Cheyenne County (population 1876, appropriately enough) has already gotten the proposal on the November ballot; Weld County could do the same soon. In this week’s Westword, we offer some alternative slogans, symbols and names for this proposed 51st state, including Uncolorado, Near Nebraska, Southern Wyoming and Coloraduh. But why should northeast Colorado have all the fun?

Here are nine other possible spinoffs:

Potopia : Perfect should Denver and Boulder, as well as that handful of other spots around the state that are respecting the will of the voters on Amendment 64, decide to secede as other local governments ban recreational marijuana sales. (Pairs nicely with Methopotamia, a potential title for the 51st state.)

Crackpotopia: Early contender for the name of the new 51st state, but also available to other crackpot quarters.

Crankerado : Adams County as well as any other county that has more than three curmudgeons show up at county commissioner meetings — not counting the commissioners themselves.

Little Texas: Vail

Little L.A.: Aspen

Coolerado: The Capitol Hill, RiNo, Baker and LoHi neighborhoods of Denver; a slice of Boulder; La Veta, Salida and Crested Butte (the original town, not the resort).

Western Kansas (or Might as Well Be Kansas): An alternative for all those eastern counties that don’t want to be part of Near Nebraska.

Almost Oklahoma: An alternative for all those southeastern counties that don’t want to be part of Might As Well Be Kansas.

New New Mexico: Following the green chile trail from the southern border up to the San Luis Valley, with a few strongholds in Pueblo and metro Denver.

More North Colorado Secession coverage here.

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