North Colorado secession: Yuma County voters get a chance to voice their opinion


From The Greeley Tribune (Analisa Romano):

Kit Carson County has joined the 51st state initiative, becoming the eighth county to place the measure on the ballot this fall.

Meanwhile, Moffat County commissioners have jumped on the 51st state bandwagon, pledging to vote on a ballot measure on Tuesday. Moffat County covers the northwestern corner of Colorado, so Commissioner John Kinkaid said his county could either try to join with Wyoming or work with neighboring counties to connect with northeastern Colorado’s initiative. Kinkaid said he brought up the issue at a commissioners’ meeting because a number of his constituents requested it. “Obviously, it’s a hard, long road to get statehood for another state in the union, I get that,” Kinkaid said. “But … we feel disenfranchised over here in Moffat County.”

Kinkaid cited many of the same pieces of legislation that Weld County and other northeastern county commissioners say brought them to the point of a secession movement. He cited a rural energy law passed this year, a mandate to switch fuel from coal to natural gas in 2010, new gun regulations and what he said were overbearing regulations on the county’s power plant, which is the largest in the state, as reasons for joining the movement.

Kinkaid said he plans to reach out to neighboring counties and to commissioners initially involved in the movement. “We are not leaving Colorado — it’s the Denver area, the urban legislators, who have left Colorado,” he said.

Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway said he wouldn’t be surprised if Moffat County’s actions open up even more movement in western Colorado. “The disappointment and frustration with the Colorado General Assembly is not confined to just northeastern Colorado,” he said.

Only Morgan County commissioners have not voted to officially join the 51st state initiative. They say they are waiting for a citizen-led petition — which may never come — before voting to place the initiative on the ballot.

The deadline to submit ballot language for this fall’s election is Sept. 6.

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