September 10 is ‘Protect your groundwater day’


Update: Coyote Gulch reader, Theresa C, let me know that I fat-fingered the date. The date is September 10. Sorry about that.

Click here to go to the National Groundwater Association Website. Here’s the pitch:

Simple ways everyone can act to protect groundwater

Everyone can and should do something to protect groundwater. Why? We all have a stake in maintaining its quality and quantity:

  • For starters, 99 percent of all available freshwater comes from aquifers underground. Being a good steward of groundwater just makes sense.
  • Not only that, most surface water bodies are connected to groundwater so how you impact groundwater matters.
  • Furthermore, many public water systems draw all or part of their supply from groundwater, so protecting the resource protects the public water supply and impacts treatment costs.
  • If you own a well to provide water for your family, farm, or business, groundwater protection is doubly important. As a well owner, you are the manager of your own water system. Protecting groundwater will help reduce risks to your water supply.
  • Groundwater protection

    There are two fundamental categories of groundwater protection:

  • Keeping it safe from contamination
  • Using it wisely by not wasting it.
  • More groundwater coverage here.

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