@CWCB_DNR: Reservoir levels OK despite dry September

Colorado Drought Monitor September 20, 2016.
Colorado Drought Monitor September 20, 2016.

From 9News.com (Maya Rodriguez):

…things look pretty good, according to the state’s Water Availability Task Force.

It’s all thanks to more rainfall than normal in August in most of Colorado, which left reservoirs across the state with an average of seven percent more water than they would normally have at this time of year.

“Our reservoirs are at pretty high levels for this time of year,” said Tracy Kosloff of the Colorado Division of Water Resources and co-chair of the task force. “That’s giving our water providers a lot of confidence going into the coming months.”

But rainfall in September has been below average and water providers on the Front Range are reporting low stream flows…

That is why state officials are waiting to see what snow might eventually come.

“We’re more looking forward to the winter season and what type of snowpack we’re going to accumulate in our mountains,” Kosloff said. “That’s really going to be the driver of our water supply going into the 2017 water year.”

The report from the task force notes the long-term forecast is still uncertain. El Nino is over and it’s not clear if a La Nina might develop. La Nina can mean drier conditions for Colorado.

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