Weather Modification-Cloud Seeding

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IceNucleiGenerator Silver Iodide is burned using a ice nucleus generator.  Courtesy of CWCB

Think Mother Nature is the only one that can control the weather? Well think again. During times of drought and as we look toward an uncertain climate future, water managers and scientists are relying on cloud seeding to bring snow to ski resorts and a more reliable water supply along the Colorado River. Cloud seeding is increasingly popular in southwestern Colorado as a way of making snow as it’s becoming more accurate and less of a gamble thanks to research and weather data collection. However, with data comes accuracy, and there is still a need for more data.

Cloud seeding is used as a way to boost the amount of snow falling in the winter as well as the amount of runoff in the spring by increasing moisture levels in the clouds. The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) has…

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