I went to see “An Inconvenient Sequel” #ActOnClimate #keepitintheground

It’s time to accelerate the move to renewables.

Al Gore’s new documentary explains the need to solve the Climate Crisis because it is the existential necessity and the social justice movement of our time. In the film Mr. Gore passionately makes the point that we must succeed. He also talks about his role in building a large group of engaged activists through the Climate Reality Project. (I attended the March 2017 training in Denver.)

In the film you get to view Gore’s approach to gathering information. You get the opportunity to view the effects of global warming through the work of gifted film makers. The segment about the Paris agreement inspires emotion and resolve.

I would have liked more current data about the renewable energy sector but I realize that presenting the data seldom wins anyone to your side. Those forces aligned against solving the climate crisis attack the credibility of the science, the motivations of the women and men of the scientific community, and the consensus of Americans. Doubt has worked in their favor. They know that trillions of dollars of sales will end up as stranded assets and each company wants to make sure that their assets don’t end up staying in the ground. The economics are against fossil fuels.

Left: Fossil fuel emissions 1850 to 2010 and since 2000. Right: Amount of fossil fuel emissions to keep warming under 2C vs. potential emissions from proven reserves. Fossil fuel companies know that they cannot compete with renewable energy v. cost. The competitive cost advantage will be advanced if the fossil fuel companies are compelled to pay a cost for their pollution. Credit: The Climate Reality Project.

Remember, this is a fight for our common property — the atmosphere. And that is where the film takes you. Mr. Gore makes the point that folks speaking truth to power about what is currently happening to the water cycle from climate change will win the day because they will win the moral and social victory as did the great movements of human history.

Al Gore is a great man for taking up this cause.

Go see the film. Take everyone you can, especially the kids. They will bear the brunt of future warming that is already baked into the atmosphere.